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Lil Boosie (Feat. Lil Phat) – Im A Dog


4 Responses to “Lil Boosie (Feat. Lil Phat) – Im A Dog”

  1. d. Says:

    now that s a good timing move to put your songs out -the competitions r sleeping-now it’s lik he is handeling the south cauz all eyez on him-yo!it’s boosie-how much do u want-lol-straight thug m……z

  2. big cee Says:

    MAN THIS S**T HOT …………

  3. big boi Says:

    boosie yhu da mna n***a 4EVA

  4. lilstewart Says:

    gangsta all day fuc all dem fake niggas still free bad azz b***h

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