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September 20, 2017


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September 20, 2017


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September 20, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 15, 2017

Git It Poppin Or Just Too Much: Group Of Asians Beat On Another Kid With Sticks, Bat, Pipes & All In Utica, New York!

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One of our viewers sent us this footage. What is going on these days. This actually made it to the news. In upstate New York in a small town called Utica. Teens

21 Responses to “Git It Poppin Or Just Too Much: Group Of Asians Beat On Another Kid With Sticks, Bat, Pipes & All In Utica, New York!”

  1. Sicko Says:

    hahaha WTF!

  2. real mccoy Says:

    crazy, i guess the n-word really doesnt belongs to us blk folks no more…lol..white boi took it like a g though

  3. Anonymous Says:

    THe come to my house lmao

  4. Anonymous Says:

    f**k the bosnian c**t serbia rep

  5. Anonymous Says:

    damn son he got smoked…but his peoples was about to turn it up on them niggas!!!!

  6. justin Says:

    Damn… This Is Where U Supposed 2 Come Back & Spray Up The Crib.

  7. j Says:

    they f**k the n!994 up lolzzz

  8. wow Says:

    fucking little kids nothing better to do but beat the s**t out of each other.

  9. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    P**** a*s Utica NY! Come on now…. Them N**** wouldn’t survive 15 mins in the city….. They just need to enjoy the good life and stop being fake a*s hood N*****!!!!

  10. JD Says:

    “this is mah fuckin house” HAHAHA

  11. agk190 Says:

    The white guy had more balls then all those Asian guys put together. He basically stood up to all of them by himself. They are such big pussies that they had to jump him just to get rid of him.

  12. Tino Brown Says:

    Niggas killme with niggas from upst8 wouldnt survive in the city. Please, i dont met some of the most p***y niggas from there. Ive met quite a few real niggas too but Ive met quite a few pussies from NYC. Even snuffed a few that ran from me. N***a please. Im not gonna front NYC is alot harder than most cities in the world but dont act like yall niggas dont come upstate and get laid out. Ive seen quite a few niggas get sent back to NYC in Caskets. Dont act like it cant happen. ….R.I.P…Pimpstarr

  13. SkillZ Says:

    i ask myself,is this what the world has come to?sick violence has always existed but it shouldn’t be like that now no!how unfortunate indeed!Connect with God mayne..all you guys who donno s**t about what a human life is worth! Shii where Im from we’ve lost too many lives over tribes.Rest in Peace to the one million people who died in the Rwanda genocide.

  14. YuNgMoNeY Says:

    Are Yu KiDding mE!! DAt Lil ASian NiGgha GoT HiS A*s BeaT!! LOl
    Giv It Up For My NiGGha Da BoSnian!! He TOok It. He Didn Even NEed His HoMie..FuK Ya nIGgas

  15. Jerome Says:

    F*** the motherf****n’ p*****s of bosnian n****s ! F***’ Em all!

  16. Sparky Says:

    This would have been a great time for a car to drive up and unload on the asian dudes with all types of automatic weaponry.

  17. ^^6^^ Says:

    Them niggas is o-k but they don’t got nothing on highbridge Batila-Patila whatever it is. Them niggas will end your s**t man. It’s cool to see New York breeds all kinds a G’s though ching chong magahoga n***a : ]

  18. gange Says:

    anonymous what do you know about serbia bosnia ??? you F****** m***** batch 🙂

  19. bellic Says:

    damn these niggazzz weak a*s niggas damn respect 2 my bosniann muslimzzz

  20. op;k Says:

    Bosnian dude held it down them black dudes that were with him were some bith a*s niggas they were on some half foot over the gate type s**t they got chase out the block while the Bosnian dude was scrapping the floor with that little b***h.

  21. Mr.Barracuda Says:

    To everyone who says that Bosnian kid had balls, you are wrong. That was pure ignorance, how are you going to try and start something on someones turf let aloe their house and not expect to get jump. That’s like wearing blue chucks and a bright blue shirt in a blood’s territory, you are simply asking for trouble.

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