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Footage Of Royce Da 5’9 Confronting Raekwons Camp! “It Wouldn’t Happen If I Was Their”


After the physical altercation last Saturday (August 8) between Slaughterhouses Joe Budden and Raekwons Ice Water crew at the Rock the Bells stop in L.A., tension was high between both camps

5 Responses to “Footage Of Royce Da 5’9 Confronting Raekwons Camp! “It Wouldn’t Happen If I Was Their””

  1. loso brown Says:

    f**k joe budden , rosetta stone sold more cd’s tan both combined . pay respects to your daddy raekwon. wu-tang g-unit chump

  2. loso brown Says:

    wasn’t royce da 5’9″ the first mariah , where are they now? slaughterhouse is like a “d” list celebrity fit club minus the celebrity, ha fuckin ha

  3. Anonymous Says:

    raekwon’s camp handling it like MEN, Yankee cap and all, What you mean that wouldn’t have happen if you was there? Don’t do that, Buddens N*GGahs know whats up thats why he walked away quick, that dudes ice cream BK handles theres.

  4. ur mami Says:

    fuc raekwon and joe buddens royce is that dude fuc with it

  5. Juiceh Says:

    You people are some fools, what Royce means is that Wu tang has respect for Royce and visa versa, so out of respect, it wouldnt have happened if he was there, and thats the truth.

    Before you start sticking your chest out and start to talk that trap, do something you never do, take a minute to think about what you saying, cause maybe then you wont come off sounding like a fking retard.

    Royce is dat dood. F**k wit it or f**k off.

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