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December 1, 2016


Kanye West Released From Hospital

December 1, 2016

College Student Gets Hit With A $675K Fine For Downloading Music!

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CNN reports “A college student who shared music he downloaded talks about the $675,000 fine.”

2 Responses to “College Student Gets Hit With A $675K Fine For Downloading Music!”

  1. nnddhh1991 Says:

    the guy on the left is a fuckin asshole. at a time when Americans are having trouble paying their mortgage why the f**k would they pay for something they can get for free??? if he wasnt a rich p***k he would understand where this guy is comin from. im a college student also and i understand how it feels to be in debt. F**k You, and rappers make enough money as it is. Im sure their are more ways to make money than pure record sales. if anything the internet promotes these fuckin bums which sells out crowds are shows which in turn gives them money. if they cant hold everyone accountable they should pick out certain people because that isnt fair to those few that are held accountable for what everyone else does.

  2. nnddhh1991 Says:

    just to add, I’m sure that those artist wouldn’t have made 22 g’s per song off of him so how do they figure that to amount of the fine should be 675k. this s**t is just fucking retarded in my opinion, but hey my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but me. lol

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