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Alfamega talks snitching rumours + T.I.

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Alfamega Kills Snitching Rumors! + Says T.I. Used Him To Make Himself Look Good! (Goes Into Full Details)

3 Responses to “Alfamega talks snitching rumours + T.I.”

  1. Bobby Jr. Says:

    Real talk, Alfamega look like Redd Foxx.

  2. XL Magnum Says:

    This n***a Damn Lie He lied On Somebody Right The Mutha Fuckin DA Would reopen THe same case as soon as this hit the Street Bum A*S n***a TI Keeps It 100 He seen this Salty A*s n***a move And then he he got cut Back On the street Licking A*s Crack sum crack W***e I’m On the west Coast n***a keep it G out Here Home Boy Would of Got Drop Sleep Dirt Nap 6 Star Gangsta would of hung this n***a up by his panty lying a*s N***a Boom B***h…..AZF Crip Gang

  3. mac11 Says:

    This n***a is silly psc a group of snitches

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