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Pebbelz Da Model Photo Shoot With Winks Magazine


Pebbelz Da Model

13 Responses to “Pebbelz Da Model Photo Shoot With Winks Magazine”

  1. Guy Says:

    Move over Buffy

  2. Gator HQ Says:

    Yo, what tha F***k, thats some wild Ish… She don’t even look human. Not attractive at all,
    Gator blog comming.. holla Face book Albert Carter

  3. Isopropyl Says:

    that s**t look fake

  4. None Says:

    S**t looks like it stinks *Gag face*

  5. man Says:

    that might b under the descriptiuon of TOO much a*s…dtz gross

  6. limp Says:

    woooow…dats alot of junk!…mmmmmmuah

  7. Anonymous Says:

    s**t fake

  8. Real S**t Says:

    While These Other Niggas Hatin’ baby marry me

  9. BIG TX Says:

    I ride dat a*s til’ da’ cow’z come home or they can stay gone

  10. y Says:

    she doen’t have the biggest,she needs to get into dat 50s”plus.but she dam hot

  11. Evens Lamour Says:

    I’m a photographer/videographer here in NY with my own equipments. Please contact me if ever you’d like to use my service. I also have a studio which is a venue space as well.

  12. prince Says:

    i like her, i wont to f**k her

  13. prince Says:

    i all so wont to marri her, but i dont have his email or number, i am intrested about her,

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