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50 Cent – “I’m Still Number 1” [Video]


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4 Responses to “50 Cent – “I’m Still Number 1” [Video]”

  1. herbalist 973 Says:

    nobody breaks down QUESTIONS like 50 and give A REASONABLE EXPLINATION THAT MAKES SENSE

  2. TRAP4ONE Says:


  3. Young Mizzy Says:

    WOW..50 just Bodies this dude..Pause.. I agree full 100% Lil Wayne, Drake…those guys have Buzz…50 Em, Jay-Z Ludacris those guys are great

  4. Reepa Says:

    Yo 50 has been trained by the best street gangsters and artists in Queens and it really shows when he answers questions. He is phenomenal. Some of his mixtape projects are better than alot of artists albums that they’ve worked on for months. Go for yours fifth. Before I Self Destruct…

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