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Cop Harrasses Teen For Saggin & Then Choke Slaps Him!

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“Yall Aint Gonna Walk Around With Your Underwear Hangin Out. With That Thug Activity Goin On”

4 Responses to “Cop Harrasses Teen For Saggin & Then Choke Slaps Him!”

  1. no name Says:

    thats totally uncall for …that cop was bored and decided to pick on the kid
    (black kid)…as a blck woman this s**t has to stop

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that’s ridiculous if this guy still has a job that whole town should’ve been sent up in flames and they wonder why blacks act the way they his partner jus stood by and nothing too fire her a*s too

  3. f**k you Says:

    b***h s**t

  4. f**k you Says:

    what the f**k

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