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Gucci Mane – Photo Shoot


Video for Gucci Mane – Photo Shoot. Shout out to Mr. Boomtown

3 Responses to “Gucci Mane – Photo Shoot”

  1. Says:

    im so icccyyyyyyy…gucci

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ugly a*s niga

  3. t.hutch Says:

    Yo the boy gucci killed dat s**t my dude, aye ya’ll boy cant tell me that n***a aint as a motha fuckin pola bear, aye thats my dude right there lets keep it real he ruin the south right now. big shout out to gucci, oj da juice, 32 ent, and so icey ent for dion they thing.

    T.Hutch the hustla

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