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Welcome To Tahiry Tv


Joe Budden’s better half launches her own website.

4 Responses to “Welcome To Tahiry Tv”

  1. Lucky602 Says:

    she’s alright man not all that, i’ll hit it but she’s kinda ghetto. I’ll do a ghetto girl but she cant tell nobody what we did. she does got a fatty though but thats about it

  2. Says:

    out of 10 i give her like a 5 or 6…shes juss smashable material not wifey

  3. comatoze Says:

    mami… you cool.and sexy,but we dont care about how you feel about we wanna see more shots of that a*s..straight up! i’ll hit ya site everyday for a new shot of that thang!! thanks for allowing us into you girls a*s a*s.

  4. gakk Says:

    she know what she doin she fucking with the right n***a. man, let that be ill put that pipe game on her so bad she wont be jumping no more. everything happens for a reason

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