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Hurricane Chris – Mic Check Mondays – Thisis50 Freestyle


Hurricane Chris – Mic Check Mondays – Thisis50 Freestyle…

8 Responses to “Hurricane Chris – Mic Check Mondays – Thisis50 Freestyle”

  1. Adotaman Says:

    Dat Was Fire Real Freestyle


  2. Anonymous Says:

    that n***a killed that s**t

  3. Says:

    dis dude is corny as hell…wit his hey bay bay…dont u realize bay bay is a dude..he talkin bout a dude

  4. Cadillac D Says:

    Ok…Ok…The first freestyle was ill Now, the second freestyle……yeah, that was sick!!!! Hurricane Chris, you said you want fif on a track with you, but I think Banks is the one you need to work with. You gotta get the PLK to reach out to ya homie…get em’ watching ya man!!!! He’s the one on a whole nother level man….jump on the surfboard and ride the wave he’s creating homie, right now he’s working with various artists too!

  5. carlos115 Says:

    WoW, i’m really likeing this cat right now!

  6. gotti34 Says:

    that s**t was fire!50 you need to a track with cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. d millz Says:

    hurricane chris is wack as f### every word is mack 90 tool 44 nine milli i think he might be retarded

  8. d millz Says:

    u should get papoose on monday and have him show em how its done

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